Right whales

Whales Need Refuge

In 1986, the International Whaling Commission (IWC) banned commercial whaling; yet even today, several countries continue the cruel practice. Why? Because under the 1946 IWC Convention, two loopholes allow countries to kill under the pretense of "official objection" or "scientific whaling." However it's labeled, whales are dying for commercial gain.

There is no excuse for continuing to allow this barbaric and outdated practice, especially as other threats to whales such as pollution and climate change increase. It is time to call on all nations to safeguard whales from this cruel and unnecessary threat to whales in their waters.

Join us in calling on world leaders to make their waters whale-friendly by banning commercial hunting and the transit of whale products, thereby giving whales needed refuge everywhere they feed, breed and migrate. No exceptions.


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Please make your waters whale-friendly

Dear Decision-maker,

I am opposed to commercial whaling and am troubled by the unwillingness of a handful of countries to abide by the ban implemented in 1986. Since the ban was never fully implemented, and any attempts at good faith negotiations have proven useless, it's time for countries to step up and take all appropriate actions to protect whales in their own waters.

I urge you to fully protect whales and ensure that whale meat does not pass through your country. You can play an important role in offering the protection these magnificent animals desperately need. Make your waters whale-friendly. Kind thanks in advance for your efforts.