Rakuten: Stop Selling Ivory!

Every year, tens of thousands of African elephants are killed for their ivory. Vast quantities of elephant ivory are sold on online marketplace sites in Japan, the largest of which is Rakuten.com.

Google and Amazon have removed ivory products, however, Rakuten.com profits from the cruelty by selling ivory on its site, which it hopes to expand its brand in the U.S. and U.K. A recent survey showed over 28,000 ivory items for sale on its site.

Tell Rakuten to stop supporting this brutality and ban the sale of elephant ivory on all of its websites, including Rakuten Japan.

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I am deeply saddened to learn that your company is profiting from the slaughter of elephants and respectfully request that all Rakuten sites immediately and permanently ban the sale of all elephant ivory. Two of your main competitors, Google Shopping Japan and Amazon Japan, have already done the right thing by prohibiting the sale of and removing ivory products from its sites. We urge you to follow suit.

African elephants are currently facing a poaching crisis, with about 22,000 elephants poached for their tusks in 2012 and an even higher number estimated for 2013. The demand for ivory is fueling this trade. There are indications that a portion of the ivory traded domestically in Japan is derived from poached elephants.