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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

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Please ask Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Privy Council to end the slaughter once and for all with a federal sealing industry buyout.

True or False: The government spends more money propping up the sealing industry than it would to pay sealers a fair dollar amount to give up their license to kill.

True. Yet the government still authorizes the cruel slaughter of hundreds of thousands of seals each year—and tax dollars are even used to finance the purchase of seal pelts.

Tell the Canadian government to end the commercial seal slaughter.

These newborn seals are protected. But in Newfoundland, once they have shed their white coats, they will be slaughtered for their fur.

Contact Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and tell him you support a federal sealing industry buyout to save the seals -- a plan already supported by half of Newfoundland sealers with an opinion.



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