end cosmetics animal testing

Urge Australia to end cosmetics cruelty

Testing vanity products like mascara and shampoo on animals is still legal in Australia, and many of the cosmetics sold in shops have been animal-tested abroad. Help us pass the new End Cruel Cosmetics bill to change that!

Australia would join the EU and Israel by banning both cosmetics animal testing and the sale of cosmetics newly animal tested abroad. Around the world, some 500,000 animals every year suffer painful tests for cosmetics. You can help, sign today!


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Dear Senator ,

I am one of the 81% of Australians who believe we should follow the EU, Israel and India in banning the sale of animal tested cosmetics. More and more countries - including China and the United States - are also addressing their own legislation to favor humane alternative tests which are cheaper, faster, and more relevant to humans.

Animals shouldn't suffer for our vanity. Let's put an end to unnecessary pain and distress endured by rabbits, mice, rats and guinea pigs.

As your constituent, I urge you to support the End Cruel Cosmetics Bill 2014 to Ban the Import of Cosmetics Tested on Animals which would end these outdated and unnecessary animal tests.