Dog culls are unsporting -- and inhumane: Take a stand!

Right now, street dogs are at risk in Brazil, where the 2014 FIFA World Cup is taking place in host-cities around the country! Specifically, the local committee that oversees all matters related to the World Cup in Recife has requested the streets be cleaned, with a demand for “removing” dogs from beaches and streets.

If dogs are rounded up in this manner, their fate is unknown, and we would hold little hope for a positive outcome.

Humane Society International has been actively working with local partners to urge the mayors of Recife and other cities to promote the humane treatment of the targeted animals, while also securing the well-being of tourists and the general public.

Please urge authorities to accept our help to shine a light on the humane and effective management of street dog challenges in Recife and throughout Brazil.


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Dear Mr. Julio,

I’m discouraged to learn of local reports that some World Cup host cities—including Recife—are planning to remove street dogs from beaches and streets in preparation for the games. Humane Society International has learned of reports that a local committee overseeing matters related to the World Cup in Recife, has requested the city clean its streets with specific demands for removal of street dogs.

Rounding up street dogs is inhumane and certainly unsporting! The humane and effective way to manage street dog populations is through sterilization and vaccination, as HSI has demonstrated time after time, in countries on nearly every continent. Please accept assistance from HSI and their local partner in Brazil, Fórum Nacional de Proteção e Defesa Animal (FNPDA) on strategies for the humane treatment of Recife’s street dogs, while also securing the safety and well-being of the general public.