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I believe that dogs shouldn't suffer and die for the trade in their meat. I support an end to the dog meat trade throughout Asia, and urge the governments of all countries where the trade in dog meat exists to work diligently and quickly towards eradicating this cruel and unnecessary practice.


Every year millions of dogs become victims of the dog meat trade in Asia. 

Much of the world sees dogs as their trusted companions, but in parts of Asia they suffer terribly as victims of the trade in dog meat for human consumption. In some Asian countries, dogs used for this industry are mostly stolen pets and they are sometimes tortured before being slaughtered. The dog meat trade is not only cruel, but is also linked to the spread of rabies and other diseases. 

HSI is working with local organizations in South Korea, China, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, and India to sensitize the public about the harmful dog meat trade that thrives in these countries. We actively shut down farms in South Korea, assist farmers as they transition to more humane livelihoods, support our local Chinese partners in intercepting dog meat traders’ trucks, fund the care of confiscated and rescued animals and lobby for better laws throughout Asia.

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