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Lawrence MacAulay, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food

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Urge Minister Lawrence MacAulay to ban fur farming in Canada!

End fur farming!

Every year, more than two million animals -- mostly minks and foxes -- are intensively confined on factory fur farms in Canada. The animals are killed for their fur, which is sold to the fashion industry. Kept in tiny enclosures, often without adequate access to food, water and veterinary medical care, these wild animals are prevented from engaging in important natural behaviors such as roaming, burrowing and swimming. These conditions cause severe psychological distress and physical harm to the animals. Farmed foxes are usually killed by anal electrocution, and farmed minks are typically killed by gassing with carbon monoxide.

Beyond the cruelty, fur farms are also damaging the environment by leaching toxic waste runoff into waterways.

Ban Fur Farming in Canada

It’s time for Canada to bring this cruel practice to an end, just as countries such as Austria, Croatia and the United Kingdom have already done. Join us in asking Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay to ban fur farms in Canada.



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