"I stand with Humane Society International and The Humane Society of the United States in urging the airline industry to end the transport of hunting trophies of Africa’s “Big Five” species, and I support the international community's fight to ban trophy hunting -- #DontFlyWild."


Tell major airlines to stop shipping Big Five trophies!

Photo by Brent Stapelkamp

Stand with us as we urge major airlines to ban the transportation of hunting trophies of wild animals.


There has been worldwide public outcry over the poaching of Cecil the Lion, a famed lion who lived with his family in Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe. Cecil was killed by an American hunter who used a bow and arrow to shoot Cecil, causing him to suffer hours before he died. 

By allowing the transport of hunting trophies of these species, airlines are providing hunters, and even poachers,a getaway vehicle for the theft of Africa's wildlife. Without a way to transport the trophy home, these hunters would have no impetus for traveling to Africa to kill these iconic animals in the first place.

HSI and HSUS are sending a letter to major airlines, asking them to implement a ban on transporting hunting trophies of wild animal species referred to as the “Big Five”: African elephants, rhinoceroses, African lions, leopards, and Cape buffalo. Please join us in support today.



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