Tell UK retailers to stop selling cruel glue traps!

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Take action to encourage UK retailers to suspend the sale of cruel rodent glue traps, which cause prolonged and unnecessary suffering.

Retail and Wholesale Managing Directors


Inhumane, indiscriminate, indefensible.

Mice and rats who are caught on rodent glue traps endure intense, prolonged and agonising suffering. In a desperate attempt to escape, trapped animals may even gnaw through their own limbs. Death typically comes from starvation, dehydration, injury or suffocation if their face has collapsed into the glue.

These intensely cruel glue traps are sold in stores across the UK, providing easy access for their use by the public. There are many more effective and more humane methods and products to solve problems with rats and mice. There is simply no need sell products which cause so much pain. Until glue traps are banned by law, we need your help to urge retailers to remove them from their shelves to end the needless suffering.

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Join us today to urge UK retailers and wholesalers to remove cruel and unnecessary rodent glue traps from store shelves!



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