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Support the Modernizing Animal Protections Act to improve Canada’s animal cruelty laws

Ask your MP to vote in favour of Bill C-246 to fight shark finning, shut down the trade of dog and cat fur, and end animal cruelty!

It's time to update out-dated animal cruelty laws!

Canada's animal cruelty laws have remained largely unchanged since 1892. Consequently, under the current Criminal Code, it’s difficult to prosecute even the worst animal abusers.

MP Nathaniel Erskine-Smith has introduced a bill that would not only close the loopholes currently present in the animal cruelty section of the Criminal Code, but it would also prohibit the practice of shark finning in Canadian waters and ban the import of shark fins not attached to the carcass, as well as the sale of dog and cat fur, and require animal fur products be labeled with the country of origin and animal species.

Our laws need to be improved to serve as a real tool to protect animals from neglect and abuse.




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