Stop subsidized cruelty towards bulls in Mexico!

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Stop subsidized cruelty towards bulls in Mexico!

I am writing to ask for the suspension of the Channel 11 program “Toros Sol y Sombra,” as it contains graphic images of the cruelty inflicted on bulls at bullfights in Mexico and celebrates a violent tradition that in no way merits perpetuation.

Every year, thousands of bulls are injured repeatedly during bullfights, experiencing a long and painful death in front of crowds where children are often present. Cruelty to animals has no entertainment value whatsoever.

It is an indisputable fact that bullfighting has lost its popularity as a sport in Mexico. According to Parametría, a reputed polling agency, 73% of the nation is in favor of totally abolishing bullfighting in Mexico. So far, it has been banned by the state legislatures of Sonora, Guerrero and Coahuila.

Still, “Toros Sol y Sombra” is financed by the state, costing Mexican taxpayers 1.5 million pesos a year, money that could instead be used for other government programs to benefit the nation.

I encourage you as a decision-maker to take a compassionate stance against this cruel “sport” and consider the public’s opinion. Please stop broadcasting cruelty through the program “Toros Sol y Sombra”—it’s time for this public display of animal suffering to end.

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Tell channel 11 to stop broadcasting bullfighting on public television!

Every Monday night, the National Polytechnic Institute’s Channel 11 broadcasts “Toros Sol y Sombra”, a program containing graphic images of the cruelty inflicted on bulls at bullfights in Mexico. According to Parametría—a reputable polling agency—this goes against the majority of the public’s opinion as 73% of Mexicans support a complete ban on bullfighting in Mexico. Still, somehow the program “Toros Sol y Sombra” remains a state-funded program, costing the nation’s taxpayers roughly 1.5 million pesos a year.

It’s time to put an end to this and urge the government to fund programs of interest to the general public and with educational content. Please send a message urging Channel 11 to stop subsidizing cruelty by broadcasting “Toros Sol y Sombra.”

Urge Channel 11 to stop broadcasting cruelty towards bulls using taxpayer money.



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