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Nikesh Arora, Chairman of the Board of Yahoo! Japan and President/COO of SoftBank
Masayoshi Son, Director of Yahoo! Japan and President/CEO of SoftBank


Yahoo! Japan -- Stop Selling Elephant Ivory, Dolphin and Whale Products!

Please urge Yahoo! Japan to ban all elephant ivory and dolphin and whale meat sales on its shopping and auctions sites.


Ban the sale of wildlife products online

Each year, 30,000 elephants are poached for their tusks. Hundreds of dolphins and small whales are slaughtered each year in the infamous “cove” of Taiji, Japan. Japanese markets are what tie these travesties together. Ivory from these elephants and meat from these whales and dolphins ends up for sale on Yahoo! Japan, an affiliate of Internet giant Yahoo!

Google and Amazon have banned elephant ivory, dolphin and whale products from their sites but Yahoo! Japan is still profiting from the cruelty.

Tell Yahoo! Japan to stop supporting the cruelty and ban the sale of elephant ivory, dolphin and whale products on all of its websites.



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