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Help stop breed-specific legislation in Quebec

Please ask your Quebec MNA to support breed-neutral legislation that emphasizes on owner responsibility.

Stop the ban on specific dog breeds

After the tragic event that led to the death of a woman in Montreal, the province of Quebec has created a taskforce that will evaluate the best approach to the issue of dangerous dogs and how to prevent dog attacks. As many municipalities in Quebec have already decided to take the misinformed and ineffective approach of banning certain dog breeds, we have to make sure that the province does not follow suite, but rather adopts measures that truly improve public safety, without targeting specific dog breeds.

There’s no evidence that breed-specific laws reduce dog bites or attacks on people, and experts have found that no breed is more likely to bite than another. In fact, no jurisdiction has been able to prove that public safety has been improved thanks to this kind of legislation. The impact these kinds of laws have on dogs, families, and animal shelters, however, is heartbreaking and real.



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