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Fight the cruel dog meat trade in India!

TR Zeliang, Chief Minister, State of Nagaland, India


Enforce the ban on dog meat in Nagaland.

The cruel dog meat trade is prevalent throughout the Indian state of Nagaland. Dogs are tied up in sacks with their muzzles bound shut from the moment they are captured until they are slaughtered, often forced to await death alongside the butchered remains of their companions. Often, customers select the live dog they wish to purchase, which are then clubbed to death in the market. Before being butchered, the carcass is roasted over an open fire or thrown into scalding hot water to make it easier to remove their fur.

The Food Safety & Standards Regulation of 2011 does not permit dog meat consumption. Even with this legislative ban, it is not enforced. To combat this cruel industry, please urge the government to implement the existing ban and make sure the industry is shut down for good.

Take action to help fight the dog meat trade in Nagaland, India!



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