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Urge for a ban on dogfighting in Mexico with clear enforcement and penalties!

The cruelty behind dogfighting in Mexico

Dogs are humankind's best friends. They remain forever at our sides as our steadfastly loyal companion animals. Unfortunately, these loving pets are often subjected to the terrible cruelty of dogfighting—a spectacle that pits one dog against another. This cruel practice forces dogs to fight until they are seriously injured and often times killed. 

The people behind this terrible spectacle sometimes kill the losing dog while the "winner" often dies due to injuries sustained during the fight. What is clear is that no dog truly wins where dogfighting is concerned. What's more is that police often discover drugs, guns and even murder in connection with dogfights.

There is no place for dogfighting in Mexico.

Yet, dogfighting still takes place because no federal law explicitly prohibits it. It is critical that legislators in Mexico move swiftly to adopt a country-wide ban on dogfighting and that they establish strong penalties for anyone associated with this blood competition.

Ask legislators to ban and penalize dogfighting in Mexico!



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