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Make Britain fur-free!

End all cruel fur imports to the UK.

The government ordered the last UK fur farm to close its doors back in 2003, but we’re now importing fur cruelty from overseas. The unnecessary suffering of animals for fur fashion is deplorable, whether the animal involved is a cat, a dog or a seal, whose fur is already banned from UK trade by EU regulations, or a coyote, a fox or a raccoon dog, whose fur is currently still allowed.

Opinion polls show continually high levels of public disapproval of fur – 90% believe that it’s unacceptable to buy and sell animal fur in this country. Now we have an excellent opportunity to extend that compassion to save other animals, such as raccoon dogs, rabbits and foxes, from unnecessary suffering.

Please ask the government to commit to Britain retaining its import ban on cat, dog and seal fur – and to extending that import ban to cover all animals killed for their fur.

Urge your MP to make Britain fur-free!



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