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Mayor Warnel May Escobar 


Keep the Izamal fiesta cruelty-free!

Photo by Matthew Prescott/HSUS

Last year, Humane Society International succeeded in transforming Kots Kaal Pato fiesta, a terrible ritual in Izamal (Yucatan), Mexico consisting of stringing up small animals like piñatas and beating them to death or cutting off their heads. With the help of local organizations AFAD and Movimiento Consciencia, an agreement was signed last April with the Municipality to continue to collaborate on providing non-cruel alternatives to celebrate the fiesta. 

This April 29th, the new and humane San Bartolo Fiesta is scheduled to take place instead, but a vocal minority in Izamal is adding pressure to reinstate animal cruelty as a cherished “tradition”. We need your help to ensure the cruel festival of Kots Kaal Pato does not return.

Please take a moment to thank Mayor Warnel May Escobar for ending Kots Kaal Pato and continuing his support for its transformation into a cruelty-free fiesta to ensure that no animals are harmed.

Thank Mayor Warnel May Escobar for ending the cruelty of the Kots Kaal Pato fiesta.



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