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Help dogs from around the world get a second chance at life in Canada!

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) recently announced measures prohibiting the entry of dogs from over 100 countries in order to prevent the spread of rabies. While preventing the spread of rabies is critical, this draconian policy is unnecessary because alternative measures could have been adopted, which would have allowed the rescue of dogs in truly desperate situations around the world without compromising public safety.

Moreover, there is no exemption in the Canadian regulations that would allow the import of dogs from conflict zones or in the event of natural disasters. This ban would leave dogs in terrible situations instead of giving them a second chance at life in Canada.

Urge the CFIA to quickly remedy this oversight and adopt exemptions to the current measures for animal rescue missions and humanitarian efforts!

Please ask Canada to amend the ban on the import of dogs from over 100 countries.


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