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Send a letter to your MP to stop fur cruelty!

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Ask your MP to speak out against fur cruelty

The UK was the first country to ban fur farming in 2000, and more than a dozen countries across Europe have followed suit. Fur from dogs, cats and seals are not allowed in, but we're still allowing imports of millions of pounds of other animals' furs each year from countries such as Poland, Finland, China and France. Animals killed for their fur suffer terribly. Whether they are caught in leg-hold traps in the wild or raised in cramped wire cages on factory farms, raising and killing animals for frivolous fashion accessories is cruel and unacceptable.

Members of Parliament will have the opportunity to debate the issue in Westminster Hall, at 4.30pm on 4th June 2018.

Please ask your MP to attend the debate and speak out against fur cruelty.



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