Anjari Jha/HSI India


Say no to cruel elephant rides

All over the world, elephants are exploited to tourists as a form of transportation. The lives these elephants lead are filled with unimaginable cruelty. In places like Amer Fort in India, they carry heavy loads uphill in blistering heat without water or proper shade. Their feet collect sores from the hot paths and countless hours they spend hauling around tourists, and many suffer from blindness and various infections and diseases. Most of these elephants are illegally stolen from the wild and trafficked at a very young age. For years, their spirits are broken after capture, and they are taught to obey their masters who brutally punish them with bullhooks.

Pledge today to never participate in elephant rides in India or anywhere in the world.


Sign the pledge!

I believe that elephant rides are incessantly cruel and must end. I pledge to never support such abuse by taking an elephant ride for tourism or any other purpose. 



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