Tell tourism operators to stop exploiting captive lions

South Africa’s tourism industry has a dark secret.

Thousands of lions are confined to tiny enclosures, sometimes without adequate food, hygiene and ability to express natural behaviors. Breeders rip the lion cubs from their mothers at just a few days old, only to turn them into cruel photo props for tourists. The mother lions are forced into a life of exhausting and endless breeding. Once these lions are bigger they are sold to be killed in canned hunting operations and for the lion bone trade.

Sign our joint petition with our partner group, Blood Lions™, to send to all tourism operators selling trips to South Africa and urge them never to offer cub petting, fake lion volunteering, and walks with lions to unsuspecting tourists.

Urge tour operators to stop offering cub petting, fake volunteering, and lion walks!


Sign the petition! 

Please fill out and submit the form below to add your name to our petition, which we will deliver to various tourism operators on your behalf.



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