Save dogs from cruel pesticide poisoning!

Animal testing of pesticides such as weed killers and insect repellants isn’t just a bad habit – it’s the law in most countries. But HSI is working with governments around the world to revise their testing requirements to spare countless animals from the horrific cruelty of pesticide poisoning experiments. One such test that we’re now very close to eliminating is a 1-year study in dogs.

In this test, groups of beagle dogs are subject to daily pesticide poisoning – either by force-feeding of a capsule or being forced to eat food laced with a pesticide – for an entire year. The scientific basis of the test has been widely discredited, so much so that we’ve successfully convinced the United States, Japan, South Korea, India, the European Union and Canada to stop requiring it. However, this test is still a legal requirement in Brazil. As a result, this cruel and unnecessary test is still being conducted to satisfy this major market.

Please act now by adding your name to our letter urging Brazil to follow the global move to abandon this obsolete test.

Urge Brazil to drop this cruel animal testing requirement today.


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