Sign the "no cages" pledge!

Around the world, hundreds of millions of egg-laying hens and mother pigs are confined for their whole lives to small metal cages and crates, with hardly any room to move. The confinement itself (pigs unable to turn around, hens unable to ever spread their wings) is cruel, but undercover investigations consistently reveal much worse: filthy living conditions, untreated injuries and even animals dying unnoticed, their carcasses left to rot.

This kind of intensive confinement has been banned — in part or in full — throughout the European Union, Bhutan, India, New Zealand (by 2022), and in numerous other states and provinces around the world. Dozens of leading food retail companies and egg and pork producers are adopting cage-free policies. We're making progress, but we need your help to end this cruelty wherever it continues. Join HSI today to say no to cages — “Let them move!”

Please join us in fighting cruel confinement of farm animals. Sign the pledge!


Sign the pledge!

It's inhumane for hens and pigs —social, intelligent, active animals — to be immobilized in cages and crates so small they can barely move an inch for virtually their entire lives. I’m showing my support for these animals by joining HSI’s campaign to end the use of cages and crates.



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