Photo of Skye, who has been missing since the hunt


Say NO to wild lion trophy imports from South Africa!

Recently a male lion named Skye was allegedly killed by an American trophy hunter in the Umbabat Private Nature Reserve, adjacent to Kruger National Park. African lions are listed as threatened and endangered in the U.S. Endangered Species Act, yet if the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service finds that trophy hunting enhances the survival of the species, then it allows the trophy to be imported.

The U.S. has long been the largest importer of lion hunting trophies in the world - they should be protecting these magnificent animals, not hunting them.

Urge the USFWS to ban lion trophy imports from South Africa!


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Fill out the form below to add your name to our petition to Greg Sheehan, Principal Deputy Director, USFWS, urging him to ban the import of lion trophies from South Africa. 



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