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Sign the No Shark Fin Pledge

Each year, millions of sharks are hunted down, only to have their fins sliced off and their bodies thrown back into the ocean, often left to die an agonizing death. "Finning" is done to satisfy an appetite for dishes such as shark fin soup, an Asian delicacy, which may be served at celebratory occasions to showcase one’s wealth or honor one’s guests.

Demand is also going down in China, the largest market for shark fins. But more work needs to be done to bring crucial protections to vulnerable shark populations.

Many shark species today are threatened with extinction. You can help save them by signing the No Shark Fin Pledge and encouraging others to do the same.

Join thousands of others who have pledged to protect sharks. Sign the pledge!


"I pledge to help protect the world's oceans by committing never to consume or serve shark fin, or any product containing shark fin."




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