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The government ordered the last UK fur farm to close its doors back in 2000, but now the UK is importing fur cruelty from overseas. The unnecessary suffering of animals for fur fashion is deplorable, whether the animal involved is a cat, a dog or a seal, whose fur is already banned from UK trade by EU regulations, or a coyote, a fox or a raccoon dog, whose fur is currently still allowed.

Millions of animals are killed every year, confined in small, barren cages or caught in brutal metal traps in the wild, all for the sake of frivolous fur trims and accessories that no one needs.

Opinion polls show continually high levels of public disapproval of fur, regardless of species – more than 80% believe that it’s unacceptable to buy and sell animal fur in the UK. We want to see an end to the cruel, unnecessary, outdated fur trade.

Please add your name to our letter calling on the government not only to retain a UK import ban on cat, dog and seal, but also establish a sales ban to cover the pelts of all animals killed for their fur.

Urge the government to make Britain fur-free!


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