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Urge the UK government to ban the sale of animal fur! 

Since banning fur farming in 2000, the UK has allowed imports of hundreds of millions of pounds of animal fur, including £14 million worth directly from Finland. That’s hundreds of thousands of animals who have suffered and died on farms just like the one we visited in Finland, all to be sold in the UK as frivolous fashion items.

This spring, a committee of MPs called on government to launch a public consultation on banning the sale of fur in the UK, however, government has yet to commit to any firm action, stating that any further restrictions should be based on the “protection of animal welfare.”

Investigations like ours prove time and again that the only way to protect animal welfare in the fur industry is to ban the trade. We cannot continue to outsource such terrible cruelty overseas, and then allow it to be put on sale on our high streets.

Tell the Environment Secretary to act now - let's ban the sale of real animal fur!


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