Elephant Reintegration Trust

Help free Lammie the lonely elephant from the Johannesburg Zoo!

Lammie, a 39-year old female elephant, lives a lonely existence at the Johannesburg Zoo in South Africa. HSI Africa and our partner group, the EMS Foundation and the Elephant Reintegration Trust, have asked several times for an urgent meeting with the Johannesburg Zoo, the Johannesburg City Council and the Mayor of Johannesburg, Mr. Herman Mashaba, but to no avail. We have located a suitable sanctuary that will approximate a wild-like setting, won't offer any human-elephant interactions, and is graciously willing to offer Lammie a forever home with a group of elephants who would become her new family.

Now we desperately need you to add your voices to help us free Lammie.

Urge the Johannesburg Zoo to close the elephant exhibit and rehome Lammie to the best available sanctuary.


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