Paul Bonsell / Grassriots

Tell Canada to reject pro-sealing proposals!

Right now, momentum to rebuild the commercial sealing industry in Canada is growing. Sealing associations have made three proposals to the federal government that would expand the commercial sealing industry in Canada.

One would lift restrictions on commercial sealing licenses, another would allow the killing of baby seals in a nature reserve in Quebec, and a third one would open a mass commercial seal hunt in British Columbia, in which tens of thousands of seals and sea lions would be clubbed, shot and harpooned.

We’ve made so much progress over the years shutting this industry down, taking away much of the incentive to kill baby seals. Today, most sealers do not participate in the slaughter because it is no longer profitable, but passing these proposals would be huge steps backward.

Urge Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Quebec government to ignore these outrageous proposals and stop the commercial seal hunt.


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