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Speak up for better treatment for hens!

Right now, the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) is drafting standards on the welfare of laying hens as part of its Terrestrial Animal Health Code. Governments, veterinary associations and many financial institutions consider OIE Codes as the basis for policy, and these chapters may form legislation in OIE member countries. However, the international egg industry is pressuring the OIE to remove language in the current draft chapter that states that resources for hens to perform natural behaviors “should be provided” and are “desirable”. 

We have an opportunity now to demonstrate that citizens around the world want an end to cage confinement of laying hens, and we need to voice support for the OIE in recognizing that hens need enough space to be able to express their most important natural behavior.

Urge OIE to end cage confinement of laying hens!


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