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Speak up for better treatment for hens!

UPDATE: Your voice is being heard! A new draft of the global laying hen standard was released in April, 2020, retaining the language stating that loose litter for dustbathing and foraging, perches for roosting and nest boxes for egg laying “are desirable”. This is a very positive step in the right direction! However, due to COVID-19, the final decision has been postponed until May of 2021. This is more time to stand up for the hens, and more time for the industry to fight against these humane efforts. Your voice is more important than ever, so please add your name to the petition to show your support for adding the chapter to the OIE Code!

Right now, the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) is drafting standards on the welfare of laying hens as part of its Terrestrial Animal Health Code. Governments, veterinary associations and many financial institutions consider OIE Codes as the basis for policy, and these chapters may form legislation in OIE member countries. However, the international egg industry is pressuring the OIE to remove language in the current draft chapter that states that resources for hens to perform natural behaviors “should be provided” and are “desirable”. 

We have an opportunity now to demonstrate that people around the world are engaged and want an end to cage confinement of laying hens. Please take a moment to speak out for the billions of hens in cages, and tell the OIE to stand with the science in recognizing that hens need enough space to be able to express their most important natural behavior.

Please add your name to show your support for adding the chapter to the OIE Code!


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