Urge the UK Government to release the results of the consultation and ban trophy hunting!

The perverse pastime that is trophy hunting is opposed by the British public. At the end of 2019, the UK Government launched a consultation and call for evidence into proposed plans to ban the import and export of hunting trophies. Over 100,000 HSI supporters signed our petition, which we hand-delivered to the government.

Now we need your help again. The UK government is yet to publish the results of the consultation on a potential ban. Ministers have so far spoken strongly in favour of banning imports of hunting trophies from endangered species, but we know that more than three quarters of the public want a ban that applies to all species. A ban which only applies to endangered species would still allow the import of hunting trophies from Black and Brown Bears, Wolves, Lynx, Nile Crocodile and many other species. Help us urge the government to release the results of the consultation and bring in a complete ban that protects all animals from being killed for kicks.

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