Your voice can help ban fur sales in the UK!

The UK government is considering evidence for a UK fur import and sales ban, and it wants to hear your views.

Please make your voice heard today. Scroll down for some tips on answering the key questions. Thank you so much for speaking out!

Take Action

Please help us make this count for the millions of animals trapped in tiny cages and suffering in the cruel fur trade overseas. It’s very important as many people take part as possible.

  • It only takes a few minutes to complete – many of the questions are simple agree or disagree answers.
  • The most important questions to answer are 9, 10, 11, and 39.
  • You do not need to answer every question. (Questions 13 to 38 seek views from retailers and industry stakeholders, you can leave these questions blank).
  • Please complete the answers in your own words – sometimes if the government receives many identical responses this can appear less compelling than if people express their views independently.

Question 9 is a straightforward agree/disagree question.

Question 10 asks whether you find certain methods of fur production acceptable or not. HSI will submit a response stating that we strongly disagree with all methods. We encourage you to consider that:

  • "Farming" animals for their fur means they are kept in tiny barren wire cages for their whole lives.
  • The fur industry’s so-called "welfare assurance schemes” such as Welfur and Furmark, all approve keeping animals in barren battery cages, as well as inhumane killing methods including anal electrocution.
  • Trapping and hunting animals for their fur involves the use of cruel traps that often leave animals in agony for hours or even days.
  • So-called "conservation schemes" that allow animals to be hunted or trapped for their fur seek to maintain hunting quotas and are not effective means of wildlife population control.
  • Producing fur as a ‘by-product’ can be the reason that makes it economically viable to farm or trap the animals in the first place.

Question 11 asks about your attitude toward the import/sale/export of fur. You might consider:

  • Whether you would ever wish to buy products from animals farmed and trapped for their fur or how you would feel if it was against the law for new animal fur to be sold in the UK.
  • How you feel about the fact that the UK became the first country in the world to ban fur farming nearly twenty years ago, and whether the continued import and sale of real fur in the UK is morally acceptable from your perspective.
  • How you feel, as a consumer, that real fur is sometimes mis-sold as fake fur, and your view on whether consumers should have a right to be able to buy fake fur without risk of buying animal fur.

Question 39 asks for evidence to help the government inform its decisions on the fur trade. You may wish to share:

  • Whether you feel the UK would be applauded internationally for taking a stand by banning the import and sale of fur (following the example set by the US state of California and now Israel).
  • How you feel about the UK government’s ambition to be a "world leader in animal welfare" and whether, in your view, a fur import and sales ban would help it deliver on such a pledge.

Tell your friends to lend their voice for fur-bearing animals:

Photo by Jo-Anne McArthur/SPCA Montreal