Ask world leaders to speak up for farm animals

More than 88 billion animals are raised, reared and slaughtered for food each year. HSI is working around the globe to end the suffering of animals on farms. 

Reducing the consumption of animal products is one of the best ways to both help animals and reduce our climate footprint. Having just one meat-free day a week can make a big difference.

This year, ahead of the 26th annual summit of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change’s Conference of the Parties (COP26) in November, we have the unique opportunity to address this issue on a world stage.

Please join us in showing world leaders that you’re committing to putting more plants on plates and that you want governments to take action to support and drive a transition towards a more plant-centric food-system.

Transforming diets to include more plant-based options will prevent billions of animals from suffering and dying in factory farms globally, in addition to helping fight climate change.

Ask world leaders to recognize the impact of factory farming on climate change at COP26.


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